founded in 1946, a reference point for operators in the sector offering technical, regulatory, economic and legislative services. AMAFOND is a founding member of CEMAFON, CEMAFON is the European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association.

The Association aims to coordinate, protect and promote the technical and economic interests of the foundry supplier’s sector. In particular, it is proposed to:

all interested companies or groups of the same for the discussion of matters of common interest.
member companies to Ministries, Institutes, Entities, National and International Entities.
the knowledge and the greater diffusion of the techniques of the sector and the products manufactured by the Associated Companies
the technical education, managing educational courses and promoting all forms of collaboration of the Associated Companies
the collection and processing of statistical data, economic information and market studies in the sector. Making its services increasingly interactive by further improving their level and quality: this is the future of Amafond.


AMAFOND, through the representation of collective interests that expresses, recalls some fundamental shared values that produce value added associated and which are the reason of being together.

The charter of ethical values of AMAFOND has multiple objectives:

  • It serves to clarify shared values;
  • mutual corporate values and applies them in an associative system;
  • choose among many possible values those that may accompany the association in the medium to long term rather than immediate;
  • It is constructed through a method of comparison and shared as to bring out the value chain being associated.

In part of AMAFOND, entrepreneurs undertake to take account, in all their professional behavior and associative, relapse entire sector. They therefore undertake:.

As manager

  • to fully implement laws and labor contracts;
  • to behave justly towards its employees, encouraging their professional growth and safeguarding occupational safety;
  • to adopt an equitable and fair to customers, suppliers and competitors;
  • to maintain relations of honesty and integrity;
  • to comply with environmental protection and the prevention of all forms of pollution;
  • to ensure a product of the highest quality.

As Associates

  • to participate in community life;
  • to contribute to the choices of association in full integrity and autonomy;
  • respect of sales techniques or communication that avoid belittling fellow competitors;
  • financial transparency – payment rules customers / suppliers;
  • attitude of mutual respect;
  • facilitate the entry of other companies, means of communication and not of confrontation.